‘t Blokhuis Kattendijke

nasty women lissabon

8th, 9th, 10th of March 2019


R.I.P. Armando, 2018

schwarzmalen3 2018

A critical crowdfund project
Voor de kunst 1-2 t/m 9/3 2018

Drawing Gang 2017

GoArtistsĀ 2017, Nanjing

new works in progress


For me painting is a conceptual language.

I use all kind of materials and content matter, related to different periods of time, art historical references, personal associations and places on earth. My focus since 1989 is to tackle the icons and well known images of the western art history and the underlying ideas. For every individual painting I use a different style and method, which fits the specific content of the painting.

tentenkamp, 2018

encounters in art 2017


2nd hand art 2017

Portfolio 2015-2019

Video performance: unicorns 2018

mari/ja, 2018

costumes 2017

Paint <> Fabric

Flags of the world