Ambigious figuration

I paint with quotes, parts of famous paintings that I can use. This creates a mix of painting styles that I apply according to the painting ‘needs’ it. I want to use as many ways of painting next to each other in 1 canvas: fine painting, material painting, impressionistic, the grand gestureā€¦ whatever is useful in the whole.
Well-known paintings emerge as I paint and contribute to the development of the image. During the process, I google for other useful paintings or images.

Mostly I create an initial idea in Photoshop by composing an image in a collage-like way. Then I’m going to convert that image into paint. The painting process goes through several steps, partly via the computer and partly via the paint. Painting can send the final image in a completely different direction.
I am looking for a layered ambiguous image referring to art history and my own theme.

September 2020, 120 x 200 cm
September 2020, 120 x 200 cm