Round and about Suriname

From 16 June to 21 August 2012 I have been in ARTCEB Residency in Botopasi Suriname. These paintings are made before going and after coming back.
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Jeroen Bosch meets Suriname

garden of delight

I painted little paintings using the high resolution images on Google Earth. The painting ‘the Garden of Delight’ is one of the 12 Masterpieces exposed on Google Earth (3d buildings on…!) by the Prado in Madrid. The parts of this famous and miraculous painting…. (have a look closeby!!!) I combined with tropical fishes and insects.



Expositie 10 jaar Artots, 2010, Den Bosch. Op de muur geschilderde cirkels met kleine schilderijen. C-print ‘Google Earth”, in private collection

Portret van Zelda

White Kotomisi (or Surinam Queen)

White kotomisiseems an answer to a very old problem I was not able to solve at the time. I am talking about the early 80ties when I could not paint people because I did not know which colour to use. Painting them pink or black or brown or yellow? A group is a solution but one person…
Later when I was a student at the GRA of course I learned that trees could be yellow or any colour so could people. White Kotomisi is not only about the colour of a person. It is also about knowing nothing, being an outsider… Colour then is not only a realistic representation. That is why art is powerful. It crosses our thoughts and expectations.