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Zomeropening Nieuw Dakota: Corona-archives Passage
12 juli – 30 augustus

Portrait of an old lady with dyed hair
50 x 40 cm
acrylic paint, threads, filled cotton, on sewed canvas

She happened to be my mother and died in november 2020 due to Covid-19.


On the 21th of January I got an invitation to take part in a show in China with two other Dutch artists and one artist from Japan. A week after we made the plans, we could not go to China because of the Covid-19 virus. Since then I followed everyday the developing of the virus through websites that count the numbers. Because of that it was not a surprise how things developed here and we took it seriously from the very beginning. 

Since the second week in March I lived in my studio, which is situated in a little town on the countryside in Noord-Holland. I started to post the result of every week on Facebook in an  album: The Corona weeks.  My work is responding to the situation we are living in. I started to make more abstract works, but it is changing into figuration.. stories need to be told now.

After the 6th week I went back to more abstract works and left corona .. as subject matter.