Archeologisch District Museum Lemasol Geometrische periode (1000-750 BC)
  • nov 30 2016 – dec 4 2016
    Cuprus, Limassol

    Dysfunctionalities in contemporary Art is a Symposium/ Artist’s residency exploring notions and issues impacting upon Art practices.

    The distorting influence of the art market on the creative process and its effect on perception, the role of mass culture, art education and the influence of politics and disparate ideologies on artistic trends;

    The idea for this event was originally developed in a discussion between the artists Elena Kotasvili, Katina Kosta and Michael Vaughan- Smith, who wanted to create a forum fostering dialogue in which the issues above and more, could be discussed, examining and exploring values in the contemporary Art.

  • I started with a visit to the district Museum of Archaeology in Limassol. The museum shows in 3 rooms from Preneolithic period- Akroteri culture (10.000-8500 BC) till Late Roman, Early Christian or Early Byzantine period (324–7th AD).
    I was impressed by Cypro-Geometric period (1100-750 BC) with almost modern designs.

    I used the archaeological objects to create forms that connect with modern objects and designs I found in the city that seem to have a great value for the Cypriot citizens.

    When I am back in my studio I will investigate my own works as if they are archaeological findings. I will dig into the history of my art and recreate something new by evaluating the past.

This little city Lemasol was packed with lots of cars, most of them not the smallest..

After this symposium I am working on an ‘archaeologocal site‘ for another exhibition.

work in progress