Encounters 2015/2016

In this new serie famous and unknown people meet each other in an intimate relationship regardless of time and place. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that quoting is role reinforcing… no use to quote an unknown artist…. My way to renovate history.


In this series, also on square format, but smaller I am working on a serie of women and men in arts.
Women of different times like Artemisia Gentileschi (16th century) and Eva Hesse (20th century).
Wouldn’t it be interesting when they could talk about their work and life..?


Another thought is about quoting artists. Quotations of course work because the spectator recognizes the reference. Because a lot of works by women are unknown (and of course many oeuvres of male artists too) they are seldom quoted.
This shows how quotations are reinforcing the status quo. By mixing it all up I want to compete history as far as it gets.. 😉