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From 8 September – 22 October 2016 Flags of the World participate in the solo exhibition of Wim Vonk at CBK Amsterdam;
more on this website about the exhibition

flags of the world since 2009

Flags of the World is an Art Project of Marja van Putten, that started in 2010. In her art she is searching for symbols and habits seen as typical Dutch. When you investigate those things the truth of the origin is often much more complex. While human culture is globalising the planet earth, history gets lost. To identify ourselves we use old and new symbols without \’respect\’ to ourselves and others. With this project Flagsofthe World I want to question this and find unknown images. While the subject is quite political, art should \’reset\’ our minds and show us nuances and contradictions, a wondering world….\"20160905_192250\"

This project is about integration~reverse with culture- and arthistory in mind. The Dutch \’boerenzakdoek\’ (literally = farmers + handkerchief) is de basis. With this piece of folk I will make a link to the flags of all the countries of the world. I will paint a canvas, 60 x 60 cm painted with fingers. If all countries are painted there will be a wall of about 200 paintings, hanging on the point. (exhibition). Finally I want to make one big wall with as much square oil paintings as countries in the world. At the moment (2013) there are about 75 country flags made. The project is still on going.
en een \’blurb\’ boek dat online bekeken kan worden