In progress, 2018/2019

Since October 2018 I am working on this new series with further integration of textiles, little things and painted pieces, which often refer to (art) history….. Some works are older ones which I changed a little bit.
It can be done in any way…. also abstract…

Oopjen, 2018
180 x 110 cm
Oopjen is the female part of the couple Marten & Oopjen made by Rembrandt. I changed her decent appearance.

Olympia or Role Reversal
170 x 125 cm
The painting Olympia of Manet redone again with mixture  of culture icons.
A white prostitute with her black servant….
A Dutch woman in costume with an African necklace, an Egyptian ancient figure with a jazzy swing.

Abstraction worldwide

Unknown Aunt, 2019
125 x 170 cm
This painting is referring to old photography. The woman is the aunt of my grandmother with a scarf from Bolivia because her hat brough me that association.

Sheets, 2019
140 x 90 cm
I first sewed folds in a cotton sheet and covered a canvas with this sheet very tight.
Then I made the painting using different styles in painting. The well known image is distorted.

The Inviolable


Cornelia, 2011/18
160 x 110 cm
Memphis was a ‘postmodern idea’. In that time modernism was still mainstream, while times are now changed into many directions. Like in the changes of society also in art I can see the need to combine, mix, connect possibilities.  

Staalmeesters, 2018
156 x 136 cm
I painted the 5 men who check the fabric sheets (staalmeesters) and their assistant (the 6th man) with pastel colors and white hats. There are hanging transparent pieces of cloth above them.

Catharina, 2018
80 x 60 cm
Catharina the Great was an important woman in history. Under her reign, Russia was revitalized; it grew larger and stronger and was recognized as one of the great powers of Europe. She encouraged the ideas of the Enlightenment but until a certain point. Democracy was a step to far ahead. In painting pure abstraction was the ultimate democratic art, most independent.

Cranach, emojied, 2018
150 x 135 cm
I saw a parallel between the old painting of Cranach and an emoji which you can make with the newest mobile phone.

Stranger, 2012/18
80 x 80 cm
Also this painting Stranger, a portrait of a woman, is a mix of Dutch symbols. A Dutch costume, KLM, blue eyes with a black face like a mask  but wearing a lovely necklace.

Two different kinds


Melkmeisje, snippet, 2019
210 x 160 cm
Milkmaids are printed by the meter and cheap to buy. I sewed parts of the image on a canvas and stuffed the parts to make them 3D like soft pillows. (which you don’t see on this picture). Milkmaid is now split into pieces, a structure is behind which forms a contrst, there is also a code snippet saying that she is the future most famous painting….

Melkmeisje, Back to the future, selfportrait
100 x 100 cm
In 1992 I made the first work with the Milkmaid painting. Since then she plays a role every now and then. With the combination of the blob with Milkmaid pouring, a woman from the Middle Ages and me driving a car times show the contradictions that are still alive now.