WG Kunst
with Mirjam Berloth

Twee muren / Two walls
At the opening I did a performance with the paintings hanging on the wall. A text was spoken two people were holding one panel horizontal, I came walking with one as a dress. The forms are derived from sewing patterns.



This work from about 1993/1994 is a work made of textiel, silk stretched on mdf 244 x 122 cm with buttons… It looks like steal but it is textiel.. I streched the silk 7 or 8 times with many many staples. In the end it was tight as it should be to show the steal impression.


  • The role of Textile in my work.

    From the start Textile and textile-related things, like buttons, cords, threads, patterns, belong to the roots of my work and have been more or less the focus of materials to work with. The intimacy of the material, directly related to personal and domestic life I use often in combination with paint or printing as an opposite: to the roughness of paint, or to the glossy outlook of digital printing. Sometimes I use textile as a revolutionary power to change the meaning of an object.


Textile is an important part of my work. It goes back to my background and childhood where pins were all over the place.
also: Naaiatelier Amsterdam Oost (Sewing studio Amsterdam East)

Sampler of my grandma made during her education as a coupeuse.
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Uitnodiging voor de expo bij WG kunst, 1995