Sculpture for Nanjing?

Most of you know Wim and me did some projects in China with GoArtists. Always a great experience an Go Dzyan is the best host ever.
This time, a month ago we got an assignment for what then seem to become a 10 m high sculpture or art piece on the square in front of the mall where we worked before.

Wim and me made two proposals and after the second one I went further with it to make a third and fourth sketch. GoDzyan was very enthusiastic about it. And I was over the moon……..

It was part of a bigger plan to restyle the square and there is also lots of room for art inside the building. The designteam of GoArtists also put a lot of effort in this. They calculated the measures and made a rough offer together with a bigger plan where more artists were involved for pieces inside.

But then the Chinese style of doing business made it impossible, they twisted the whole idea.
What is nice about it, is the speed, in a few weeks a whole plan is chosen, no participation of others, just two or three men decide. No rights…
But for me it was a great experience…….. I hope next time we will have more success…