Flags of the world since 2009

Flags of the World started in 2010. The Dutch ‘boerenzakdoek’ (literally = farmers + handkerchief) is de basis. With this piece of folk I made a link to the flags of all the countries of the world. All canvases are  60 x 60 cm and painted with my fingers. Looking along the wall it looks like one carpet of oil paint.


In 2016 the Flags of the World were hanging at Wim Vonk’s exhibition ‘Ontroerwoud’ at CBK Amsterdam.

Flags of the world, wall presentation, 620 x 360 cm, CBK Oost, 2016, tijdens Ontroerwoud van Wim Vonk, organisatie St. Polderlicht. Dagmar Chittka (Rauher Engel) on stelts.

special website: www.flagsoftheworld.nl
website of the exhibition: www.ontroerwoud.nl