Jerusalema wedding

This painting is called Jerusalema Wedding.
It is inspired by the song and dance that went viral this year (2020) after the Covid-19 lockdown.
Originally it is a beat by a South African DJ, the dance is performed at weddings in South Africa.
A man from Angola invented the choreography with the plates of food.
The DJ’s sister did the vocals.
The dance is imitated all over the world by the most diverse groups. Nuns (many nuns …) policemen, children’s classes, the Cape Town Philharmonic etc.
And also at the most different locations: beach, airport, hospital, school, …
the original movie is this:
and one of the many other videos


Close to the painting you will see how different kind of materials are mixed and form layers that compete for attention. Some of the details are part of the gallery above, but also from other paintings that are to see in my studio.


It can take a long time to finish a painting according to the criteria that I set for myself. A painting can be attractive, seductive at first sight. But as long as it is asking me questions or I am still in discussion about it, I consider it as unfinished. This process can take years.

For example the one here below. 
Making the painting I started with the threads and sewing. This time they became more then just a surface to start the painting. It became more than that.