Milkmaid 1992 – now

After the first series of the image of the Milkmaid, Kitchenmaid appeared in different ways in my work.

It started in the Bloemstraat in the Jordaan (1992). I reconstructed the painting of Vermeer.
The wall is painted like the painting, the nail in the right place, some attributes, basket, jug, bread.

Everything on the table I painted with bronze paint and black shoe polish. In this way it looks like a bronze statue. The plinth is painted with Delft Blue tiles. A colleague put me in the right milkmaid position.

We discovered that the girl in the state that Vermeer painted never could have poured the milk into a bowl while her face at the same time is turned to the spectator as in Vermeer’s painting. She would have made a mess! …

Since this project the image of the Milkmaid pops up in my work in different ways.

See also the article in the Rijksmuseumkrant & the cover of Oracle Magazine
In 2000 the first series was nominated  for the Artolive Artprize.

Unicorns (2018)

Video performance for In Transit, Loods 6 with SET#NET 

still from video: Unicorns

Milky way (2005)

Milky way is a c-print on canvas. This work was printed in the newspaper during an exhibition in de Drom in Enkhuizen.

Bloody Mary (2004


Whipped paint (1993)

I made several paintings with the tool for making cakes to whip the paint on the canvas.