January 2018
Oude Niedorp, Noord Holland.

Since I moved all work and stuff to this ne place, new studio about 3/4 weeks are gone. So, it is still new to work here. Not only the place itself, but also the aerea around it. For Holland and Amsterdam this place is abandoned, it is a small town without the new housing aereas you mostly see at the coutryside, it is still a small and authentic village where 400-500 people are living. Sheep around the corner, water at the back of the yard.

The winter is rainy, windy, foggy, snowy….and I am impressed by the landscape, especially the mist. I am going to paint this. Just started with a couple of paintings in different sizes. Curious how they are developping.

35 x 45 cm
175 x 125 cm
35 x 45 cm